Sunday, February 3, 2013

about us

We are Brenden & Marissa. Welcome to our blog!  We recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee with our kitty, Izzy. We started this blog to keep our families & friends updated and to document our everyday lives.

We met in 2004 while working at a movie theatre and while we fell in love instantly we did not start dating until March 2010.  In August 2010 we moved to Hawai'i, & in December 2012 we got married.  For now, we're taking everything life throws at us with a smile & enjoying the adventure.

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  1. Hi Marissa and Brenden! Stopping by from the Friend Connect Blog Hop. This is such a beautiful photo of you and your husband. Isn't Hawaii such a beautiful place to live? I was born and raised here and I wish I can gain the guts to move away some day. I admire your courage!! Please feel free to stop by my blog some time! :)