Wednesday, February 20, 2013

let's talk about the weekend

We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but that did not happen. On Friday night, we drove out to Waimanalo Bay State Park.  The sun was setting when we arrived so we could not find out campground in the middle of the 100+ tents that were there. As it got darker we decided to just pick a spot and set up.  This would have been fine, except by this point it was pitch black and the wind was blowing so hard we could not get the tent to stay up. We packed up and left.

On Saturday morning, after discovering that we had been at the wrong park we drove to Waimanalo again. This time we found the correct park and our campsite....except someone was already in it. Not wanting to ask them to move and it being incredibly windy again, we decided that we wouldn't be camping this weekend.  Instead, we drove to Kailua and hung out on the beach.

Brenden drank coffee, watched two kayakers struggle and went running.
I drew in the sand, dug a hole, and read.

It ended up being a good day.

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