Wednesday, May 22, 2013

trump style

It is not often that we get to have a night out with Brynn and Jeremy since they live so far away.  So, while they were here we decided to take advantage of their presence and stay up past 9pm! We watched the sunset, pretended to be statues, walked down the beach, held hands, and visited a few local spots.  It was a really fun night.  These two are hilarious especially when they get a minute to relax.  Can't wait for another night out with these two even if it will be several months before that happens.

This will be the last post from our family's visit to Hawaii. We were so happy to have them here and we had more fun than we have had in a long time.  Thank you so much for coming out for graduation and to spend time with us! We hope we can all get together again soon!!

By the way, we love having visitors so if any other friends want to come out before the move we still have a sofa bed..!

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