Monday, June 3, 2013

Waimano Falls

I need to start this post by saying that as we walked up to the trailhead we were greeted by a man carrying a boar over his shoulders. Apparently, this is an area where boar hunting is popular. Moving on, we hiked to Waimano Falls over the weekend.  When I read about this hike online it was rated as "easy."  Apparently, my definition of easy is very different from the hike rating person.

When we first started on the trail, it was wide and paved.  We thought the hike was going to be easy peasy, no big deal! Then we came to a fork.  This was when the trail got interesting.  The trail to the falls branches off of the Manana trail, it is marked by orange spray paint.  First you walk along a cliff, then climb down a mountain covered in tree roots, then climbing over boulders.  As you get closer you go through a narrow brush and then walk along the stream that leads to the pools.  Finally, climb up a rock using a rope someone tied to a tree and you are there! Of course this is all down hill, and you have to go back uphill...we ran into a few groups on our way down that were struggling with the uphill portion.

But the hike was worth it.  Swimming in the pools and watching all the people jump off the cliffs into the water was fun.


  1. These are such great shots! I definitely need to work on my photography skills, or lack there of. Haha! :)