Wednesday, July 31, 2013

time well spent

Brenden and I went out the other night with the intention of eating burritos and having a drink.  We ate burritos and skipped the drinks.  Instead, we ended up sitting on the beach staring at the stars. It was wonderful.  

We went out with the intention of having a phone free night together because recently we've been reminiscing about life before cell phones. It was so nice, we sat in silence, we talked, we didn't take pictures, or tweet or google anything, even when we were curious about twinkling stars...  But, the cell phone did come out while we were looking at the stars because of google sky map! I'm so excited about this app which is ridiculous because it's old and Brenden and I both deleted it off our phones forever ago.  However, it's super cool! We downloaded it last night and started using it to find the planets, nebulas, stars, and constellations. If the clouds had not rolled in, we may have been out there all night.

We are now very excited to go out and look at stars again.

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