Friday, August 23, 2013

Art + Flea

The guitarist in this band looked just like our friend Regis 15 years from now but it was impossible to get a good picture.

We went to Art + Flea last night. It's like a local craft fair and thrift store of hipster clothing in one! Actually, all the handmade things are really cool and I'll definitely be going back to get some jewelry.

But, it is a teenage hipsters paradise, complete with local bands, photo booths, games, and shopping. Being around all these kids reminded Brenden and me of our past.  Brenden of how he used to go to punk shows all the time and me, how I was one of those girls who dated guys in lame bands. Thank god I moved away from Riverside, I could have easily stayed in that world.

Art +Flea, we'll be back.

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