Thursday, August 15, 2013

We made that!

^I made a box^

We made a table! without power tools! 

For about a year now, Brenden has been talking about how he wants to make something with his hands and he wants to work with wood.  And I like trying to make everything because I'm a hippie, as Brenden calls me. So, over the weekend, instead of studying I looked up simple furniture plans and found this. Since we don't have power tools and I didn't think it was a wise investment to spend a bunch of money on tools when we didn't even know if we liked building things, we had to make a few adjustments to the plan, like just using a hammer and nails.  Also we had no power saw, so we were relying on Lowe's to cut all the wood for us. But, they don't cut 4x4s...of all the wood we needed to cut those were the pieces that I did not want to do with a hand saw.    

Well, we ended up cutting them with a hand saw and our cuts weren't perfect but they were functional, and we think it turned out pretty well. 

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