Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Embracing the Lifestyle

While we were in Nashville we stayed with Brenden's parents who live in a retirement community.  We  fully embraced the lifestyle.  Relaxing all the time, after dinner walks, waving 'hi' to everyone, it was wonderful.  We wished we could of stayed there much longer but alas, we had to leave.

While we were there we only went into downtown Nashville once. Brenden's parents took us to lunch and then to coffee at the most hipster places ever.  Our group stood out like a sore thumb as we were surrounded by people in their 20's talking about their upcoming gigs, and other hipster type things that I don't understand.  But apparently hipsters like good food because both places we went were delicious. The Pharmacy is a burger joint that we all really enjoyed and Frothy Monkey is apparently the number one rated coffee place in Nashville. Brenden loved the coffee there, and boy is it strong, he was very chatty after that.


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    2. At first I thought it was from the movie, but I see not that it looks like Batman, which is also cool!!

  2. How fun! I love the relaxed atmosphere of retirement communities. My Aunt and Uncle live in one, and I love visiting.

    1. They are so awesome to visit, I feel like I catch up on life. Thanks for reading!