Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guess what!

plumerias at Fort Derussy
I'm working full time now as a realtor and you can find my facebook page here.   If you'd like to buy any million dollar homes in Hawaii, I'm your girl ;D

It's exciting having a career, and dressing professionally and feeling like an adult instead of a student who graduated and then couldn't find a job.  Which isn't even true, I actually did get a job offer that I was not into and then took a part time job that did not work out AT ALL! In fact, I worked there nearly 3 months ago and I am just now getting my paycheck sorted.  Such a pain.

Anyway, while I get into the routine of working full time blogging may take a nose dive OR we'll do a few features on open houses in Hawaii! Part of my training homework is checking out multiple listings and you can bet that Brenden and I will be going to check out the luxury homes.

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