Monday, November 18, 2013

christmas movies | 02

The second installment of beautiful, amazing, wonderful Christmas movies.

First up, November Christmas.   I feel, that the best way to describe this movie is to quote my wonderful husband:

"This shit is fucking fantastic."

"Diamond in the rough."

"They're knocking it out of the fucking park."

"Bravo Hallmark! Bravo."

I was not as big a fan but Brenden says my taste in movies is horrible, so maybe it was good.  Brenden was near tears, falling in love with this Hallmark Original Film.  His superlatives throughout the film were incessant.  

When deciding how to describe this movie, we came to the conclusion that it is "funny bad." Whereas some of the movies we watched were just "bad bad", A Bride for Christmas was so bad that it was funny. 

The basic story is that she has commitment issues, and guess what, so does he!! If that doesn't clue you in to the fact that this is a match made in heaven, you need to watch some more Hallmark movies. 

The best part is (SPOILER ALERT) when she realizes that he is "the one" while watching him defend a dog.  She is nearly in tears while she gives him a passionate kiss. I was nearly in tears watching, possibly from laughter, possibly from feelings.  I'll never tell. 

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