Monday, December 23, 2013

advent activity | 23

Today's activity was making Christmas cookies!  Now if I was going traditional I would make chocolate chip or sugar cookies.  But, we had chocolate chip cookies just a few weeks ago and I don't like sugar cookies. I decided to try something different. 

I wanted to do something with Oreos since those are the some of the only sweets Brenden likes and I found this recipe.   It looked really easy and I thought it was perfect...then I remembered how much I hate working with melted chocolate. 

Batch 1:
On this batch I didn't use enough cream cheese and the balls just fell apart.

Batch 2:

This batch turned out significantly better, just a matter of working with lovely melted chocolate.

So there they are! Our rather un-festive Christmas cookies, you could probably make them more festive by rolling them in sprinkles. We haven't tried them yet but I'm sure they will be delicious.  

Only two more sleeps 'til Christmas!!!!

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