Sunday, December 1, 2013

christmas movies | 03

For the third installment of Christmas movies we are introducing our first Lifetime movie!! Hizzah! 

Here it is, "The Twelve Trees of Christmas".  This film takes place in a Manhattan neighborhood where there are free standing libraries surrounded by trees and studio apartments which have living rooms. So clearly it's all fictional.  Without giving anything away, the story revolves around a librarian trying to save a library. Her salary apparently is enough to afford a "studio" apartment, though she has a huge entryway, living room, kitchen & a myriad of other rooms that aren't exactly addressed.  We don't even see the rest of the apartment, but she clearly doesn't know what "studio" means.  Where in the world does a librarian make that kind of money, because sign me up!

The real star of this movie is Scary Spice, thats right, Scary Spice.  Scary Spice plays Cordelia, an interior designer with no last name who (SPOILER ALERT) ruins everything!! But her name is Cordelia.  Have you ever met a Cordelia who didn't have evil ulterior motives? 

"Christmas with Holly".  I actually really liked this one.  It starts off a little rough as you realize that everyone is being pretty heartless when it comes to this little girl but eventually they all come together.  Would it even be a Christmas movie if they didn't come together in the end?

When I was looking for an image for this movie only this ad and ads with Carrie Fisher came up.  The main character is Emmanuelle Vaugier...oh well. To explain what this movie is about one needs only to replace "It's" with "A". Yes, this is another remake of the classic "A Christmas Carol" story.  But it wasn't terrible! I mean you have Princess Leia, people who love books and elements of time travel.  

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