Saturday, January 4, 2014


There's this series called the 52 project that's been going around the blog world for a while. Essentially you just take one portrait every week and end up with 52 portraits. 

We take a lot of pictures of nature and of each other but we don't take many together (other than the occasional selfie). This year I want to try to change that.  We do a lot of fun things together and we have some really fun things planned for 2014 so I want to try and capture them.  This is our first picture from a hike in Manoa Falls.  Hopefully we will be able to make it all 52 weeks.


  1. these photos are amazing! i love the 52 project, it is such a neat way to collect so many memories. it is so easy to let time go by with out taking any photos!

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    excited to be blogging friends!