Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Pillbox! This is one of Brenden's favorite hikes.  We hiked it in April,  and in May we took Brynn and Jeremy there. So of course, Brenden wanted to take Jason "the guy who's done everything in Hawaii" Derck to do the hike. The morning before Derck left we took him out to Kailua for this sunrise hike.  The boys hiked while I sat in the car and slept.  They had fun! and Derck was impressed, not an easy feat.  

After the hike we drove into Kailua town and had Breakfast at Cinnamon's which we highly recommend for anyone who visits Kailua.  The food was great, and the service was incredible! We only ate the things they are known for (eggs florentine, guava pancakes & red velvet pancakes) and we were not disappointed.  Go there. Eat. Now. 

Then Derck left and we were sad.  Come back again! 

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