Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sewing for Baby: Burp Cloths

Burp cloths! We live right down the street from Joann's Fabrics and I have already made many a trip there during our short time in Tennessee.  When I decided to make burp cloths I headed straight for the bundles of fabric and tried to find the most gender neutral, non-holiday fabrics that I actually liked. These chevron prints ended up being the winner!

Sewing burp cloths isn't very difficult and these are by no means perfect (they are meant for spit up...) but I had a fun time and plan to sew a few more in the future. For this set I did one side of cotton fabric and one side of flannel.  I have two other burp cloths I made out of flannel only and I really like those ones so I plan to use just flannel in the future. 

In case you are wondering how I made these, here are some really simple directions:

1: pin correct sides together and sew leaving a hole big enough to pull itself through
2: pull it through the hole so the correct sides are now the outside
3: iron (or don't) and topstitch all the way around

TADA!  (there are many more detailed directions on the internet like,  this one or you could go super absorbent and make these)

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