Monday, September 1, 2014

Full Term!

Full term!! We made it! I knew it was coming and it still snuck up on me but I am so excited to be here. Now it is safe for baby boy to come at any time and I can't wait. I've been having contractions here and there, even a few that make me think "this could be it!!" and then they stop :/ Yesterday we were walking around the grocery store and the contractions just kept coming  and I was getting so excited, then nothing. I'm just so excited to meet my baby boy and I don't want to wait possibly another three weeks.  But I know I may have to.

I should actually feel really fortunate as I am not completely miserable.  I still sleep through the night and just have a general sense of uncomfortableness.   

Due date: September 16

How far along? 37 weeks
What food are you? Watermelon
Maternity clothes? and Brenden's clothes, and no clothes and maxi dresses.
Stretch marks? yup! They finally showed up on my hips. It bothered me for about 15 minutes and then I was over it.
Sleep:  Still sleeping through the night and very thankful
Miss Anything? Been thinking about wine a lot this week 
Exercise: Walking
Movement: Well now that he's in position and his back is on my left side all of his movement is on the right.  His feet are right up in my ribs and his hands spend a fair amount of time pushing out.
Food cravings: Krispy Kreme
Labor Signs: Yes! But not true labor. =(
Belly Button in or out? Half out 

Happy or Moody: Happy!
Looking forward to: Meeting my sweet baby boy
Best moments last week: Maternity leave! Being done with work is amazing and also testing my patience. When I was working the day went SO quickly and now its molasses. MOLASSES.

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