Tuesday, November 4, 2014

the exhaustion is back

I haven't been this tired in weeks and the craziest part is Kian has recently taken to sleeping 9+ hours at night.  You would think I'd be bright eyed and bushy tailed but instead, I'm making a permanent imprint on the couch with a blanket and pillow trying desperately to nap. Alas, I am horrible at napping and instead end up watching endless hours of Gilmore Girls and shows on demand.

Really I've only felt very tired for the past two days.  Monday because it was the first time he surprised us with sleeping so long and I woke up at 1:30am prepared for the regular routine and then he didn't...So then I woke up at 2:30, and nothing...and then 3:00 and 3:15 and 3:30 and so on until 5:00 when he finally woke up and I was so exhausted from waiting for him to wake up that I asked Brenden to feed him.  I also chose yesterday to start my new workout routine which is not helping my energy levels..

Last night I was able to sleep more but still woke up every hour from 1:30 on and when he woke up at 5 I couldn't go back to sleep until around 6:20 and he decided to wake up at 6:40. Except he didn't really wake up he was just grunting very, very loudly.

Love my little grunter.


  1. HAHA Gilmore Girls is taking over the world. I mean, I've always been completely obsessed since it came out in 1999 but now that it's on Netflix we are all a victim. Just because your baby is sleeping sadly does not mean you are. Once I put Lyla to sleep I lay in bed watching Gilmore Girls until like 1am sometimes so I really just don't get any sleep even though she is! They say parents don't sleep until their kids are 18 :(

    1. I hope that's not true because 18 is a long way off. But at least we have Gilmore Girls. =D