Wednesday, December 10, 2014

and we're back!

We drove to Virginia over the weekend to celebrate my mom's wedding and let Kian meet all his relatives from my side of the family.  We left Nashville on Thursday night and drove until around midnight.  Kian did AMAZING, I think there was about five minutes of fussing when we first left and then he just chilled the rest of the drive.  When we stopped in Roanoke we transferred him from his car seat to his crib and he opened his eyes, glared at us for waking him, and went back to sleep.  The next day we only had three hours left and it was no problem.  We arrived at the hotel, napped and waited for the rest of the family to arrive.  Then it was time to meet his great grandparents! 
Kian is so lucky to have so much family!  He has aunts and uncles and great uncles and great great aunts, grandparents and cousins, and because he is the first grand baby / great grand baby on my side of the family he is the star of the show!

We attended several events, all of which lined up with Kian's bedtime so it was a little bit of a struggle for him but overall he did great meeting so many people.  The worst moment he had was at the wedding when my uncle was saying a prayer and you could hear Kian screaming upstairs. It made my heart hurt.  But his daddy had a handle on the situation and once he fell asleep he was fine.

The morning after the wedding we left as soon as Kian was fed.  We did not have high hopes for this part of our trip as it was during the daytime and we had a feeling Kian would not enjoy being stuck in his car seat all day.  We were right and wrong.  The first six hours went really really well.  The last three hours were a little more difficult.  I sat in the back for a while so he could have some stimulation and play a little bit.  But after two hours, I was getting car sick and Kian was reaching his breaking point.  I could not sit in the back and have him stare at me while he cried.  It's hard enough just listening to him cry but to have him stare right at me, heartbreaking.  So we made a quick stop to feed and change hoping that would help him feel better  and we were off for the final and most difficult hour of our drive.
^not a happy camper^
Basically Kian screamed the whole last hour of the drive and who can blame him? He had been in his car seat since 7am and wanted out.  As soon as we got home we stripped him and let him lay down and spread out and he immediately calmed down.   He is back to our happy baby now and there will be no more big road trips for a while. 


  1. Aw! Lookee that precious little face! When River was 6 months, we had to drive to NY for a wedding. It was a 25 hour trip and he barely made a sound! The only time he got upset was when he was hungry. Weird kid.

    1. OMG you are so brave for even taking the on. But what an awesome child, 25 hours, I would be complaining.