Friday, December 19, 2014

Date night + Changes

Brenden and I went out for a rare middle of the week date this past Wednesday. Brenden's parents gifted us with babysitting and tickets for a live rendition of A Christmas Story.  If you don't know what movie I'm talking about then you clearly live under a rock. We started our date at The Frothy Monkey with that tasty little cheese platter above.   Then headed to the theater where Brenden had a few childhood stories of performing and running around the museum while it was closed.  Brenden was a sneaky child.

The play was quite good, we loved the crowd involvement and the actors were phenomenal.  They have been doing this play for around five years so everything runs very smoothly. The play ended around nine and we headed straight home as we were both so tired and for once I would have no opportunity to sleep in as I had an early morning appointment. Of course, that also happened to be the night the Kian woke up every few hours instead of his usual blissful 10+ hours of sleep. So we went to bed at ten and were up at 12:30, and 3:30 and 5:00 and then for good at 7:00.

Back to my early morning appointment and why there will be some changes on the blog in the coming months.  I got a job! I will be starting my new job as a special education teacher early next year.  While I am very, very sad to no longer be with Kian all day every day, I am thrilled for this new opportunity and to be putting my degree to use.  There will be some changes around the blog as I will likely post even less than I already do but I won't know exactly until I start teaching.  But for now we'll try to get some holiday posts up and hope you all enjoy the holiday season!