Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hiking Tennesse / Radnor Lake

turkey vulture

This morning we went to Radnor Lake. This is sort of like a bird sanctuary that is in the middle of the city and it's not really a hike.  There are trails there but we were told by friends we could use our stroller to walk the main path so that's what we did.  It looks like they took a stretch of road that was falling apart and turned it into a jogging trail and then made the area around it a park. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

The lake is very peaceful and you can see that there is a ton of wildlife in the area as evidenced by all the fallen trees from beavers, the constant sounds of birds, and many turtles sunbathing all around the lake. And it's only a few miles from the highway but you would never guess that. We did a little bit of birding and saw a turkey vulture, a woodpecker, and some other birds we couldn't identify.  Professional birders for sure.

The only problem with this area is the parking.  It's lacking.  We got there early and pulled into the first spot we saw, questioning wether or not it was a spot as we pulled in. When we came back over an hour later there was a line of cars sitting at the entrance to the parking lot, just waiting.  So if you plan to go, get there early and take one car.