Wednesday, June 24, 2015

date night and the most perfect weather

But then we arrived at the park and the weather was perfect! The storm had pushed out the humidity and left a cool breeze. 
pitching stance
The Sounds were wearing "Darth Vader" jerseys.
The mascot, Hot Chicken
At the bottom of the ninth the score was still 0-0, and as the teams were getting ready for the 10th they announced that the fireworks were cancelled. We left, and as soon as we got to the car is started pouring again, we pretty much have the best luck. 
The next day we found out that there had been an hour and 30 minute rain delay at the bottom of the tenth after 2 outs and in the end the Sounds lost.  But we had fun and next time we are sitting in right field where servers come to you and keep you in drinks and food!

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