Friday, June 12, 2015

Nashville Zoo!

Last week during one of the days I was completely over being stuck in the house with a sick baby and   we'd read all of our books and played with all of our toys, I decided we should go to the zoo.  I had just bought a zoo pass the week before so it wasn't that outlandish of a decision but I don't really think Kian was up to it. Anyways, being the great mom that I am, I did not bring the camera for Kian's first trip to the zoo, but I have some really epic cell phone photos to make up for it. 
Doesn't he look thrilled and not at all like he's sick? my poor boy.
Here is a barn
This was the most exciting animal encounter of the day, he came right up to us. 
Beautiful old house that I had recently learned the history of during 4th grade reading and was very excited to see.
Hey elephant.
Totally and completely interested in giraffes
Just kidding, he's all about bubbles!!
Okay, I felt like I was in Australia because you can for real pet kangaroos, they even had joeys! I've never had that opportunity before and I did not take advantage this time but next time, I am totally petting a kangaroo.
We probably spent five minutes watching the flamingos.  I don't know why, they aren't particularly interesting.

And that wraps up our zoo trip. We also visited the snakes and frogs but Kian was only interested in ceiling fans and it was too crowded for me to want to take pictures.  Next time we go it will be with a healthy baby and hopefully I will remember the camera.


  1. Ahhh I was just in Nashville and would have checked out the zoo if I had known it had a kangaroo!!!

    1. So many kangaroos! Next time you should, I can't wait to go back and pet them =D