Monday, June 8, 2015

We've Moved!

and we're in the middle of redoing our living room!

The weekend that school ended and summer started we moved into our new house and spent one whole long week living without cable or internet.  It was longgg.  All of last week my poor sweet boy was suffering with an ear infection that was not responding to antibiotics.  He did not want to eat, or sleep, or do anything other than be held.  During his good moments, when Tylenol and Motrin were at full strength, we went to the library, took many trips to Lowes, visited grandma, and sat outside. Thankfully, we have new antibiotics and he is returning to a happy and healthy boy. 

As for the house, we have officially been here for one week and three days and in that time we have completely finished Kian's room, painted our room, and are currently working on the living room/kitchen.

We started with this: (minus the blue, it was originally yellow)

and are currently at this:

Isn't it so much brighter?!?! I'm in love. Of course, we have so much more to do and some of it is in progress right now but we are working really, really hard to get it done... soon... I hope.

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