Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Decorating With a Toddler

Decorating the Christmas tree with a toddler is basically like taking them to a toy store. The first picture was about three minutes after we opened the box of decorations.  Kian was loving it!  I gave him several of our non-breakable decorations and boxes and let him play while I hung all of our glass ornaments. Then he helped me hang a couple and I have no idea how the glass bulb that we dropped  did not break but it is magically still hanging on our tree. 

Before we hung any of our decorations we put up a felt Christmas tree that Kian could decorate and un-decorate as much as he wants. He LOVES it.  His favorite thing is to take all the decorations off, scrunch them up in his hand, and run around the house. Our Christmas season has started off perfectly!

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