Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Last St. Patrick's day went out early, ended up in the parade & ended our night downtown.  It was great.  This St. Patrick's Day was a bit different.  With Brenden still recovering from his illness earlier this week, we knew we shouldn't get too crazy. But, with the possibility of this being our last St. Patrick's Day in Hawaii, we knew we needed to do something.

We headed downtown around noon to take part in Murphy's street festival & spent our time hopping between two bars & a parking lot oyster bar. We watched an eight person band struggle to set up, & then a 90 year old woman get hit on by a young man from Boston. We talked to the president of the Penn State Alumni Association - Hawaii Chapter & realized we had a few things in common. Then we left at nightfall, before the first band on the outdoor stage started to play.

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