Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hula Dogs

Brenden was really sick this past week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, he did not eat. So, when Saturday came around and Brenden requested we go to Hula Dogs (also known as Puka Dogs), how could I refuse?

Hula dogs is the best hot dog place in the islands. The original is on Kauai and is called Puka Dogs.  We've been to both.  We just can not say no to Puka Dogs, the flavorful relishes, the delicious mustards and options for me (the carnivore) and Brenden (the vegetarian).  It is the perfect hot dog stand.

Marissa's favorite: Polish sausage, on wheat, spicy jalapeño sauce, mango relish, with lilikoi mustard
Brenden's favorite: Veggie dog, on wheat, spicy jalapeño sauce, pineapple relish, lilikoi mustard

(lilikoi mustard is amazing)

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