Thursday, May 30, 2013

We went to Portland! & made a scrapbook

Every time Brenden & I take a trip, we collect coasters, postcards, airplane tickets, maps, menus, anything that is scrap book worthy.  Then we take it home with the intention of printing out all the pictures and gluing everything together in a cutesy little scrapbook.  But, unless we do it right away, the tidbits just sit in a box for years....

This time I wanted to do it differently. I went on to pinterest and started looking for road trip journals.  After seeing a few different options that involved sewing and binding, I saw some that involved my favorite option, a hole punch and some string. Done! So easy.  I took scraps of paper left over from our christmas cards, punched holes, tied it together and BOOM! 5 minutes, road trip journal. Shoved the journal in a bag with a glue stick, hole punch, and pen.  Above is the end result.  A mixture of different things that we collected and some notes about the day.  I really liked writing about the day because it included little things that we would probably forget down the line.

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