Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We went to Portland!: part 111

^restaurant on the left, strip club on the right, shared bathroom in the middle^

The final installment to "We Went to Portland!" During our last day in Portland we didn't know what to do.  All we wanted to do was eat and drink, but we knew we should probably see a little more.

First, we went to Rocky Butte park and tried to overlook the city and the mountains through the clouds.  Brenden was the photographer during our time at the park and as you can see I was quite the model.

After the overlook, we decided to take the plunge and wait in line at Voodoo Donuts. Although to be fair, we went to Voodoo Donuts Too so the line may have been shorter than at the original location.  Brenden had two Portland cremes and I had a bacon maple bar and a marshall mathers.  The donuts were good, very creative but I don't know that they are worth the crazy long line. After dounts, we drove out to Beaverton to check out the hometown of Nike.  We didn't really like Beaverton.

Back in Portland, we drove through Washington Park, watched the train, and took many pictures of all the greenery.  Brenden was running all over a hill taking pictures of the zoo liner.  He loves trains.

Lets get to the good stuff.  After the park, Brenden and I went to lunch at Santeria. This restaurant had good reviews on Yelp, so I didn't really read the reviews I just looked at the star rating and kind of glanced at them. So, we get to the restaurant and the sassy waitress tells us there are tables in the front or back but don't sit on the four top and walks away. We sat down ordered drinks and waited 20 minutes for water. Let me get to the point;  the service is crappy, and the food is good for where it is. But that is not the interesting part. This restaurant shares a bathroom with a strip club. You walk through a swinging door to get to the bathroom, and you may walk into a full nude strip show. We were sitting next to the swinging door and did not realize that we were right next to a strip club for quite a while.  As soon as we did realize, it became a treat to watch people go through the door.  One guy walked through, apologized, came out and asked us what to do..."what do i do? Do I just go in there? Is that really..? Okay...." We didn't say one word.  Brenden and I both took turns going to the bathroom.  He went during a shift change and I went during "Get your freak on" where a girl in a neon green bikini was working it for one client.

After Santeria we went to Bailey's Taproom and realized Santeria will serve you anywhere! The people eating in the bar got better service than we did in their own restaurant.  But, Bailey's Taproom was nice. They only serve beer so Brenden really enjoyed it.

For our final event in Portland, we went to the Driftwood Room which is located in our hotel. This is where Brenden had a second sampler; a fine tasting of local whiskeys. The Driftwood Room is a retro little lounge that has fancy drinks and friendly bartenders.

That's the end of our vacation! We really enjoyed Portland.  It was cold when it was overcast but beautiful when the sun was out.  The food is delicious, the drinks are creative and the people are friendly.


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