Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Friday at the Hilton

On Friday Brenden and I went to the Hilton for a hotel party with some of his friends. The hotel room was amazing and had a fantastic view. Its crazy because we only live a block away from the Hilton but facing the ocean is like being on a different island. So peaceful, relaxing, and amazing. 

We had drinks and snacks while we waited for everyone to arrive, and the fireworks show to begin. The fireworks go off every Friday at 7:45,  we always hear them and never watch them. It was nice to see and hear the show this past weekend, like a sneak preview for tomorrow. 

After the fireworks, I got really sick. I have no idea what made me sick, but I was absolutely miserable. We went home early and spent the rest of the weekend in while I recovered. 

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