Friday, July 5, 2013

star & stripes forever

^ started the day with red, white, and blue pancakes^

 ^ our most patriotic gear ^

 ^ it was insanely crowded ^

^ hunk ^

Our Fourth of July was wonderful! Brenden didn't have to work (yay!) so we both slept in.  After I woke up I decided it was time for red, white, and blue pancakes and instead of the regular recipe on the bisquik box, I used the melt in your mouth recipe on the bisquik box.  I think I tasted a difference, but Brenden did not. After breakfast we watched North America on the discovery channel and then put on our most patriotic gear which was also our only red, white, and blue, clothing.  Then headed to the beach. It was crazy crowded! We had never seen it so crowded before.  We felt like we were at the Jersey shore especially when the people a foot away ended up being from Jersey.

After the beach, we went running together, did our crunches and push-ups together and then ate burgers and finished watching North America.  We did not watch the fireworks...and we didn't miss them either. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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