Tuesday, July 9, 2013


No pictures of the beach this week! Brenden and I spent the weekend relaxing, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse...

Okay, to explain, on Saturday we saw World War Z, and on Sunday we started watching season 3 of The Walking Dead. Now, is there really going to be a zombie apocalypse? doubtful.  But, is there going to be a tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, etc? possibly! Watching the movie and the series and all the other life experience we have just makes me realize how few skills Brenden and I have.  I know CPR and basic first aid, I can build a fire (most of the time), and used to know how to tie a couple of climbing knots.  If there was some kind of emergency those few skills aren't going to get us far.

I have now made it my mission to be more prepared for life.

Step one: relearn those knots and teach Brenden (can now tie figure eight on a bight and bowline, BOOM)

Step two: self defense class

Self defense is just something that I want to do.  I realize it wouldn't be too helpful with zombies.

More steps to come eventually.


  1. This makes me smile--it's comforting to know that the hubs and I aren't the only people who mentally prep for a possible apocalypse ;] Though your list looks much better than mine. Great ideas!