Tuesday, October 1, 2013

birthday hike

^The seeds made a wonderful walking path^

I didn't want to do much for my birthday.  I was not accepting getting older and was a ball of nerves thinking about my new job.  So in the morning when Brenden asked me what I wanted to do I shrugged and said "nothing".   It was raining and all I wanted to do was snuggle, but I still wanted to be outside. Such a dilemma.

Eventually I got my act together and decided I wanted to go hiking.  There was a break in the rain and I found a very nice hike that seemed short and easy, perfect for if I changed my mind.  But I didn't change my mind! We probably would have hiked the entire system of trails if it hadn't started raining again. We went to Pu'u 'Ualakaa' State Park and followed that trail until we met up with the Maikiki Heights trail and then went on the Makoa trail until we finished back on Pu'u 'Ualakaa' trail.  All the trails we went on seemed to meet and circle around so it was a nice hike to see different scenery and views.  

The trails themselves are a very nice and easy hike, almost like a stroll through the woods.  The only downside was that it's been raining a lot recently and the Makoa trail is on the side of a cliff, so if you slip in the mud, you may fall a long way.

We used the All Trails app to track our hike

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