Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

^the farm from above, which we saw when we went hiking the next day^
We went to a pumpkin "patch" in Waimanalo this weekend.  I say pumpkin "patch" because it was more like a pumpkin store since all of the pumpkins were imported from California. We were actually really disappointed by this because had we wanted to buy imported pumpkins we would of just gone to Safeway.  We drove all the way out to Waimanalo expecting a corn maze and pumpkin patch as advertised.  But the pumpkins were imported and the maze was not corn, and was not ready to be a maze as it only went up to my hips.  

After the pumpkin patch we stopped at Whole Foods, and guess what they were selling? Locally grown pumpkins. Next time we are going to Aloun Farms and we will pick out locally grown pumpkins and corn.
^imported pumpkins right next to the entrance^
Aside from the pumpkins being imported, it was a cute little set up.  They had a petting zoo, country market, pumpkin toss, pumpkin painting and country lemonade in a mason jar.  We enjoyed some lemonade and bought two large pumpkins.  Now we just need to carve them.

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