Thursday, October 24, 2013


I'm home alone tonight as Brenden has gone to a charity event and left me to take care of Izzy all by myself.  It's likely going to be a rough night.  Izzy has already tried to run after something on the lanai, inspected the new full length mirror (he broke the last one), and he is not quiet tonight. He's just staring at me now, like he's planning how to torture me.

Just kidding, I love Izzy.  He can be really annoying but he is still the best cat ever.


*I'm shadowing at my first open house on Sunday (at a 2 million property!!!) so I have been busy memorizing statistics and preparing myself.

*If you follow me on instagram, twitter, or Facebook you've seen my new business cards!!

*Brenden and I have been sad about Halloween.  Last year our costumes were so amazing!! It made it incredibly difficult deciding what to be this year. So hard in fact that we never made a decision... However, I have thought of two last minute costumes we can throw together if we end up going out.

*I've been neglecting the blog.  Now that I'm working full time, I don't want to be on the computer when I get home.  I want to spend time with my husband, so I do.  But I had time tonight!

*driving all the time is terrible!!  I'm so lucky that I don't have to drive through the major traffic areas.

*Looking forward to visiting Jason Derck on Kauai.

Well that's it folks! I'm going to spend the night catching up on my stories and bothering Izzy.

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