Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eat The Streets

Eat The Streets! We went to Eat the Streets last week.  It's basically a food truck festival that is held in a giant parking lot downtown. The theme was "Dia de los Muertos" and the advertising said there would be tacos and Mexican food, lots of it.  Advertisers lie.  Fact.

In the little circle of food trucks there was only one Mexican food truck and only one other truck serving tacos.  And, the tacos were expensive.  There was no buck tacos so you couldn't even try the different tacos without spending twenty dollars.  We ended up going to the Mexican food truck, Brenden got veggie tacos and I got chicken.  Brenden loved his, but it was also the first thing he had eaten all day so his opinion may not be valid.  I did not like mine at all. Even when smothered in salsa they were devoid of flavor.  It was so disappointing!  I guess thats just what happens when you grow up in Southern California with constant easy access to delicious tacos.

Not everything was negative though.  I had a wonderful cookie ice cream sandwich, and Brenden had a lilikoi lemonade that he said was delicious.  We both want to go back next time.  I really want to try the waffle dog.

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