Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kauai Part Three!!

we woke up at like 4am so forgive my beautiful face.
pink clouds
We were sitting on that cliff in the center 



To finish off our time in Kauai we went on a ridiculously early 4 mile hike in the dark. It felt like it was a million miles because the day before Brenden and I had hiked on Kalalau and my knee was not happy about another hike. After we got to the top it started raining thus soaking the rocks and trail we had climbed over to sit on the edge of a cliff.  On the way down Brenden and Jason both fell.  When Jason fell I couldn't stop laughing (I started laughing just thinking about it) and he said I was a horrible person.  I probably am.  But it was just so funny.

Anyway, it was totally worth it.  The sunrise was beautiful and the pink clouds were fantastic. 

After the hike we had breakfast and tried to find a lighthouse on the grounds of the Marriott resort which was nearly impossible. We walked past what looked like a crack den along a path of broken glass and got a glimpse of it.  It wasn't worth it.  Don't do it guy, don't do it.

Then my vacation was over and I was rushed to the airport to fly back and get ready for an open house.  I ended up being about ten minutes late because it took me 30 minutes to find the car and then I literally hit every red light. I was so frustrated.  

Brenden stayed behind to spend some time with his BFF. They saw a waterfall and a rainbow.  You know, manly things. 

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