Friday, November 22, 2013

Sandwiches & Star Wars

Sandwiches and Star Wars.  That's what Brenden wanted for his birthday and thats what he got.  Along with a few other things.

Brenden is a huge, HUGE coffee drinker so for this birthday I got him a subscription to Mistobox which sends different types of coffee from around the world every month.  Since Mistobox sends all their coffee in whole bean, he also got a grinder. Usually I like gifts to be a complete surprise but I don't drink coffee so when I was getting the grinder I had to ask Brenden what he would prefer, hand or automatic, and try to be all nonchalant about it.  Well if he didn't know then he certainly knew a week later when we went to Kauai Coffee and I said he should get whole bean. But thats okay because he still loved it all.

For dinner Brenden requested sandwiches and I obliged by getting all the sandwich fixings including four types of cheese and three types of mustard. We tried this new cheese that has caramelized onions in it; so good! For "cake" we had homemade Oreos following this recipe.

I think it was a successful birthday and Brenden was happy which is all that really matters.

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