Saturday, November 9, 2013

why i'll never shop at san lorenzo again

I have been waiting two months to write this post.  Two long months.

Let me start at the beginning. In August I had a lot of free time, so I started looking for a part time job.  I came across a craigslist ad advertising a part time position at a bikini store in Waikiki.  It was perfect; it was within walking distance and I could get bikinis. I emailed my resume on Wednesday.  On Thursday I went to an interview and found out it was a job at San Lorenzo.  I was excited. San Lorenzo Waikiki has really cute bikinis and if I can get them at a discount, even better.

By Friday, I had the job. The owner (Johnathan)  asked if I could work the big yearly sale the next day and requested I bring my paperwork in that day.  I agreed.

Saturday comes, and I check my email for the paperwork all morning, but nothing.  I show up to the store anyway.  When I get there they give me something to do and that's it.  Eight hours later they are gone, I have no directions on what to do, or when to leave.  I decide its time for me to leave.  Johnathan happens to show up at that time and asks if I can work until close (11pm, its already 9:30), I say no and he says "but if no one works then we have to close the store.".. uhh what? It's your store! Why don't you work! I've been there for 8 hours with no training, another girl had been there since 8:30am and had not even taken a bathroom break during her 12 hour shift, and the third girl had been there as long as me and had two whole days of experience (she ended up closing the store).  Then he asks if I'll work on Sunday. I agreed but only for a few hours, he tells me to be there at 7:30am.

But on Sunday at 7:30, there was no one there.  At 8:00, no one was there.  Finally I called him to let him know I'm leaving , thinking in my head "and never coming back." But of course two minutes after I leave my message he calls and says "I'm here!" Anyway, I go back, start working and ask about my paperwork.  The response: "It doesn't matter." All I could think was are you fucking kidding me?? I shouldn't even be working without that paperwork.  After that response I was so leary that I left after 4 hours.

This is where it gets interesting.  In the next week, I contacted Johnathan several times, "when will I get my schedule?" "When will I get my paperwork?" "When should I work?" Each time I got different answers, "soon", "meeting at end of week", "I'm working on it".  All bullshit. He never contacted me, there was never a meeting, nothing.  The next week I contact the HR department (HiHR) and ask if my paperwork has been processed. Nope! Now I'm getting pissed. I email the San Lorenzo headquarters telling them what has happened.  About an hour later, people finally start contacting me!

Johnathan asks where my paperwork is; HiHR asks what hours I worked; people were contacting me, finally.  I was sure I was going to get this all resolved and start working. Boy was I wrong.  I find out that same day that I have been fired.  Fired, for wanting to work.  That has never happened to me before.

The next day Johnathan calls me to verify that I have been fired and brings up the email I sent to San Lorenzo Waikiki, which I never got a response to.  He says he will mail my check to me.  We hang up, I think its done and over with.

Brenden and I go on vacation, I start working on other things, and kind of forget.  Flash forward to October 2, when I realize  I still haven't been paid for my 2 days of hard work.  But hey, I had no job so I had  plenty of time to complain.

I spent about two weeks dealing with just the HR company who was trying to charge me a fee so they would mail my check to me.  And that fee, that is the reason that all hell broke loose.  I call the store and ask for my check, no check.  I call Johnathan and ask for my check, his response, "I lost it, and its not my problem." Well it is now buddy.  I refused to pay any fee, and guess what? I have the law on my side.  According to Hawaii you were supposed to pay me the same day you fired me or the day after and it has been over two months.

Just in case you think they actually are amazing people and they run a great store, lets look at some Yelp reviews, shall we?

One whole star!

"I wish I could give zero stars"

"My roommate went in to get a security tag removed after we went to the sale at Ala Moana and the sales person forgot to remove it. She called ahead and was told it was alright to come in, but once she got there she was told she would not be able to do it. Interestingly it was the employee that told her on the phone it was ok, and she remembered her name. The employee took off her name tag and refused to do it." 

"BUYER BEWARE!!! Prices here are TWICE as much their other stores. "

"Never even a hello from the sales snob."

"Minus infiniti stars"

"I visited San Lorenzo Waikiki during a business trip.  I brought two items to the register - one which I intended to purchase and another, which I was returning to the counter to be polite.  I handed the salesgirl my credit card and she mistakenly rings me up for both items.  I tell her that I only wanted ONE of the two items and she replies "I already swiped your credit card and we have a firm no returns policy."  What?!  I understand and can accept a 'no returns' policy - what I do not comprehend and cannot acknowledge anywhere in the realm of logical is how someone can charge you for something you do NOT want, then tell you that you cannot return it.  I refuse to sign the credit card slip and speak, for nearly 30 minutes, with another salesgirl/manager and she repeats the store will not refund the item" 

"It's hard to believe there are stores this poorly run that manage to stay in business."


Seriously, do not shop at San Lorenzo Waikiki..  They do not care about their customers, or their employees. 

If you want bikinis, here are some suggestions: Posh Pua, Issa de Mar, KaiKini, Pakaloha 


  1. That is so horrible! When franchises are so poorly run it reflects so badly on the company! Thank goodness you DIDN'T get the job!

  2. They say that rejection is God's protection so perhaps they did you a favor. What you wrote is so true and it has been my experience and impression too. They seem like opportunists. They also sell horribly designed bikinis. I'll never shop there again either and they really pissed me off. They definitely don't care about their customers and apparently not the employees either. Not at all surprised. I just wish I had used a credit card so I could have just charged it back and been done with this.

  3. Wow!!! This makes me mad just thinking about your situation and the problems the customers had to go through. I cannot believe they are still in business!