Sunday, December 1, 2013

christmas decorations are up!

Brenden made this!!

Our Christmas decor is up! We visited the Helemano Tree Farm and got an Norfolk Pine.  They didn't have the fuller, more traditional looking trees, but we wanted to support a local farm rather than buy ones shipped in from the mainland. I'm not going to lie, when we first put it up (and even a little bit now) all I could think is that it looks like a cactus.  Once we put the lights and the decorations on it grew on me.  Izzy really enjoys it so that is another plus.

We are very happy that our apartment looks so festive and we are enjoying sitting in the glow of all the lights while we continue watching our bad Christmas movies. It's going to be a fun month! We even made ourselves an advent activity calendar that I think will be very fun! We are going to try and blog about each of the activities on our Advent calender starting with the first one; watch a Christmas movie.

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