Monday, December 30, 2013

one year

These are some of the first photos we have together, even though we had met six years earlier. 

One year! We have been married for one year and I still feel like we've been together forever.  I think now is a good time to share some of our story. 

We met in the summer of 2004 working at Regal Cinemas in Virginia.  He was a recent college graduate coming home for the summer to resume his position as a manager.  I had just finished my junior year of high school and was spending the summer working as a cashier. We had little contact during those first few months but we both remember the first time we saw each other and the first thing we said to each other. 

I said: "you have beautiful eyes" He said: "you have beautiful hair"

We never dated during this time. I went away to college in San Francisco and Brenden stayed in Virginia starting a new career working with mortgages. Over the next few years we lost contact but through the help of myspace (yes myspace) and email we were able to reunite and even meet whenever I was in Virginia. 

Yet even still, we never dated. It was not until after I lived abroad and came home in the Winter of 2010 when everything finally came together. We started dating officially in March 2010, moved to Hawaii in August 2010, were engaged March 2011 and married December 2012. 

Occasionally we will realize (or people help us realize) that is was pretty crazy to move in together on the other side of the world after only 5 months of dating, but we never had any doubts.  I was nervous of course but I never thought it wouldn't work out. Ever since we met I have always had Brenden in the back of my mind.  If you go through my old journals there are multiple entires about him from various years.  I even used one of the entries for my vows. 

This coming summer we will have known each other for ten years! I still remember seeing him walk through the lobby of the theatre like it was yesterday. 

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