Tuesday, December 31, 2013

looking back

For some reason these New Years Eve pictures are the only ones we have from January.


^We went to the beach (here, here, & here ) met Franco Harris, explored Kailua, and did a puzzle.^


^Our toilet overflowed with soap suds, we worked on the Mighty Mo, went on dates, and celebrated St. Patricks Day.^


^We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, visited the Mormon church, explored a temple, went hiking and prepared for the next month!^


^This month was a busy one! Our family came to visit from the mainland, we jumped off rocks, went to a luau,  celebrated Mother's Day, I graduated, and we went to Portland! (IIIIII)^


^ We went hiking, I had a lot of free time, we visited the beach (and here & here),  hung out with a seal, and spent some time in Kailua. ^ 


^We celebrated the fourth by dressing our best, spent time with friends, and went on a boat!^

^ In august we built a table, went to a sporting event, sailed on a pirate ship, hung out with hipsters, and did the draft.^ 


^We traveled to Boston, took a brewery tour, hung out with some cool people in Maine, spent time with nephews in Virginia (and one of them got frisky), road tripped to Nashville, pretended to be retired, and celebrated my birthday.^


^We got pumpkins, carved them, did some hikes (here, here, & here) , went to Kauai (one & two & three), ate the streets, and celebrated Halloween.^


^ November!! We had a visitor,  hiked in the dark, celebrated Brenden's birthday, ate a lot on Thanksgiving, bought a Christmas tree, and got ready for the holidays.^


December was all about Christmas!  We did an advent activity every day until Christmas, we saw many beautiful sunsets, and sent out our Christmas card.

Looking at our year in one post like this makes me realize just how much we did this year. I am so, so excited for next year and all of the new adventures we will have. Happy New Year everyone! 

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