Monday, February 24, 2014

tornado warning, and our new town

On Thursday there was a tornado warning! and we survived.  I don't think any actual tornados touched down but we were in the black area on the news for a few minutes and we were nervous. Brenden's parents were so calm and just chuckling about the weather while I was sitting on the couch wondering if we should go to the storm room (aka the bathroom) and Brenden was pacing around  making sure Izzy was okay. 

It was slightly terrifying.  

On Saturday (after recovering from the tornado warning) we went downtown and explored Broadway and 12 south.  We've already been to both of these areas but this time we had a new perspective.  A "would we like to live here?" perspective.  I don't think we'll live near Broadway, it's just fun to walk down there.  It's probably going to be a while before we decide where we'd like to live.  We are so lucky that Brenden's parents are letting us stay with them while we figure all this out.


  1. If a tornado comes. And you dont have a storm shelter. Just get in a bath tub. I'm originally from Arkansas and it seems like they have them every 10 seconds. It is bad when it becomes just "another day".

    1. The bathtub eh? I've heard that before, I've always wondered why they are considered safe but thank you for the advice! We are nervous that one will actually happen.