Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Home Hunting

Lets be honest, we are in no rush to move out of the retirement community and become normal adults who stay up past 8 o'clock at night but we have still started our home search. We have been looking at apartments and homes in various communities in and around Nashville trying to figure out how we want to live. Do we want to live in the city, close to nightlife? Would we rather live in the suburbs? or maybe we want to be out in the country off a gravel road?

The options are endless.

This weekend we went to look at a house in the country and I loved it! Not the house, the house was a DIY mess and likely needed to be torn down, but the land, the land was wonderful. It was several acres of partly pasture and partly hillside and I could just imagine having goats, chickens and turkeys running all around! I may be a farm girl at heart. It would explain my secret desire to live in Montana.

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  1. Someday, someday...I will live in the country again! :) happy house hunting