Friday, March 7, 2014

Filling time

We have now been in Tennessee for a month! It really doesn't feel like that though.  I sort of feel like we just got here yesterday or that we have been here all winter. Depends on the day.

For this whole long month that we have been in Tennessee I have been doing a lot of nothing.  Brenden started working the Monday after we got here and I am still looking for a job.  I believe that I may have a lead on one or two now that I've started sending out three applications a day minimum, fingers crossed.  But in the mean time I've been watching a lot of daytime tv, cuddling with Izzy and eating. It's been a really productive month.

So that I'm not spending all of my time inside I've started trying to take daily walks. We're staying in a planned retirement community so there are paths everywhere and they provide for some lovely walks even on dreary days.

Hopefully I will have some work soon and my life will be a little more interesting then, "look how many paths there are!" Wish me luck!

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