Tuesday, March 25, 2014

market time

We went market crazy this weekend! First we hit up the Nashville Flea Market which only happens once a month and is massive.  We didn't even walk the whole thing but we got a lot of ideas for furniture and some tasty barbecue sauce.  We will definitely be going back to this flea market.  It had a ton of antique and homemade goods which is what I love.  Many flea markets that I've stumbled upon before are just loads of cheap crap, like socks.

After the flea market we headed to the farmers market which is apparently every day. The farmers market was a really long warehouse type building that had a garden section, produce section, restaurants, and a flea market section. The flea market section was pretty empty since the big flea market was happening and the produce section was a bit thin because of the unusually cold winter that Nashville has had but we still loved it. We bought some Farm Country cheese (the habenero is like fire) and made plans to come back.   I am very excited to see what the market is like when the weather warms up and things can actually grow!

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