Friday, April 4, 2014

a stressful move and morning sickness

Being pregnant has been one of the most exciting and stressful things I've ever experienced. I think finding out we were pregnant, changing jobs, and moving all in the span of a week really helped with that stress. (Thankfully it's feeling less stressful now and just exciting.)

Our lives completely changed the second that test was positive.  The day we found out we were pregnant, I was supposed to interview with a school in rural Alaska for a job I basically already had, and move by the end of the month. That principal in Alaska is the first person I told we were pregnant. Now I can laugh about it but at the time I was still trying to wrap my head around this big life change that was happening.

After immediately changing our plans about rural Alaska, we had some more changes that were forced upon us which led to relocating a bit sooner than we had anticipated.  If it hadn't been for that, we likely would have stayed in Hawaii until summer. But a wonderful job opportunity happened and BOOM we are in Nashville.  It's funny how things turned out. We really could have ended up anywhere, we were applying for jobs in several different states and Nashville just happened to have the best opportunity.

So we moved, and we moved fast.  A little over two weeks after finding out we were pregnant, we were in California getting ready to drive across the country. Of course we had no idea that this was when my pregnancy symptoms would pick up and continue to get worse... It started off simple enough, with a little nausea and wanting to sleep all the time but by the time we were on the road the morning sickness was in full swing (and it still got worse). The last day of our three day drive was the worst and I questioned wether or not I would make it.  My back hurt so much, I wanted to be close to a bathroom at all times, and I just wanted to sleep.  Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who stopped every time I asked, bought the exact food I wanted to squash the morning sickness, and let me sleep most of the drive. I love him.

The sad part is, during the road trip I thought, "this has got to be as bad as it gets." hahahaha, oh how naive I was.  I have now been to the emergency room for severe morning sickness, and have a nice supply of nausea medication on hand.  That day was the worst. In addition to the constant vomiting and the dehydration that was happening, it was the last day our family was in town and I don't think I left the bedroom for more than a couple minutes.

Since then, the morning sickness hasn't been so severe and I've found that the best way to deal is to eat all the time (like all the advice says). It's just hard sometimes.  Generally after vomiting I don't want to eat, but I had to.  But if I didn't eat for a few hours the nausea set in,  and the gagging started so I ate what I could, whenever I could.

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