Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Long Weekend

We drove down to the Memphis area for the long weekend to meet up with Brenden's sister and her family for a little camping trip. It was an experience. 

We arrived late on Friday night and when we set up our tent we realized that it was quite a bit bigger than the tent for the family of four. Our tent was then referred to as the luxury tent.

We spent most of our two short days at the pool. It was just a little hot. But the people at our campground were acting like it was over 100 degrees.  They all stayed in their RV's and trailers or tents with air conditioners attached. I camped a lot as a child and I have never seen anything like that.  The campsite with the air conditioner also had a mini fridge and a projector with videos games set up. Why even come camping?

Although short it was a good trip! Although I don't know that we'll go back to the campground it was actually a great park.  It was huge and had a ton of different things you could do.  I just want to go up in elevation if we are going to do more summer camping. Heat and humidity do not allow for a restful night.

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