Tuesday, July 22, 2014

a day out

pulled pork
vegan meatball sub
This weekend was glorious. It was rainy/overcast and about 20 degrees cooler than it's been the last few weeks. We decided to take advantage by actually going into town and meandering about which we have not done since our first month here.

We went to the 12 south area and walked until I couldn't walk anymore.  I'm running short on energy and stamina during these last two months of pregnancy. But it was so nice! We walked through a park we hadn't seen before and imagine coming back in the fall for picnics and family time. Then we had lunch at Sloco a cute little sandwich shop that shares space with an art studio.  The sandwiches were delicious and it was the first time Brenden actually had more than one option on a menu. After lunch we walked up a small incline and I was ready for a nap. Being pregnant is exhausting. Even so, it was a wonderful day out and I hope we start going into town more.

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