Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's due date day!

Today is my due date! (and I'm writing this on Monday so fingers crossed that my sweet baby boy stopped giving me practice contractions and just came out already.)

For the past week anytime anyone asks me when I'm due I've been able to say Tuesday! and it's been great to see their reactions. One of my neighbors is also pregnant and after she asked when I was due, her friend informed her that "she's HUGE!" since she isn't due until November and our bellies are about the same size.  Every time I say Tuesday I get wide eyes and a look of shock like I should be sitting on the couch instead of running errands. Of course that's immediately followed by, "well any day now, Good luck!"

I have yet to figure out what my response will be if he goes past his due date. Will I go the negative route of "he was supposed to be here Tuesday and he's never coming out!" will I use our induction date that has yet to be scheduled? or will I get really wild and say December just to throw people off? These are the things I think about.

When we moved to Tennessee I was actually pretty nervous about the advice, questions and belly rubs I might end up getting from well intentioned southerners but surprisingly enough I've had very few. The only advice I've been given is "get an epidural" & "walk a lot." While almost all the questions came from men and they were primarily concerned with gender and due date and I have had ZERO stranger belly rubs. It's been fantastic! Maybe I just give off a don't touch me/talk to me vibe.  Whatever it is, I'm happy, I didn't want strangers touching me.

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