Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Farmers Market

While trying to savor the fleeting moments left just the two of us we decided to head downtown over the weekend.  First, we headed to the farmers market and admired all of the gigantic and colorful pumpkins.  I was completely in love! Even though it doesn't necessarily feel like fall yet seeing all of the fall produce just makes me feel happy. The farmers market was also hosting a small Oktoberfest celebration where we indulged in a pretzel with spicy mustard.

After the farmers market, we walked through the park next door admiring the view of the capitol and decided to head to the 12 south area. Originally we intended to have a picnic and then walk around, but I was just a little bit tired so instead, we had a picnic and laid down for about an hour. After our unplanned nap we got coffee and hot chocolate and headed home.

It was a very lovely Saturday.

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